Mediref Features

Is Mediref suitable for you?

Do you have stacks of unbooked referrals?

Patients are notorious for not booking appointments, even when it is for their own good. That leaves specialists with files of referrals that need to be sent back, and the referring practitioners to chase up their patients.

This is a time consuming and expensive process! Learn more...

Secure, legal mode of communication

Laws on privacy are tightening and and there is an increased emphasis in the security of sensitive information. Email is unsuitable

Mediref is the solution - all your data is stored in secure, encrypted, Australian servers and is kept constantly backed up allowing you to focus your time and energy elsewhere. All without compromising speed or usability.

More convenient than email

Speedy and convenient, email has been the go to means of electronic communication.

Mediref has been created from the ground up with its sole focus on the healthcare industry. This has allowed us to surpass the ease of use and organisation of email.

Embed Mediref onto your website

Your website is often the first point of call when fellow health practitioners are looking for your contact information. Mediref will provide you with a widget that will enable you to receive referrals directly from your website straight onto your Mediref portal. This will allow you to:

  • Make it easy for your referral network to send you patients
  • Reduce the number of referral pads you send out
  • Keep all your incoming correspondence organised

The corresponding party doesn't even have to be on Mediref to use this!

Sign Up or Book a Demo

Signing up to join Mediref is free! We only charge you based on your usage. If you wish to book a demo with us, input your phone number and we will call to arrange one

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Normal (plain text) email is not allowed for health information under Australian privacy laws. Full Details
  • Most practitioners will not want to give out their private email addresses.
  • Mixing patient information with everyday information (such as bills) can become an organisation mess, making it easy to overlook correspondence
  • You may not know your recipients email address (with Mediref, you just need to know their name)

Mediref complies with and surpasses the guidelines set out by NEHTA regarding electronic communication of health information.

All information is stored within Australia, in encrypted servers and undergoes ongoing backing up, so your data is always safe.

Information is password protected and communication is authenticated with a digital signature - security without compromising usability

The registration form takes 2-4 minutes on average. That's it!

Since Mediref is a service reserved for Australian health practices and professionals, we do go through due checks and balances to ensure everything is in order. These are usually done within 2 hours of you signing up so you are ready to go extremely quickly!

Sign up here!

We have accounted for this! Correspondence can be sent via fax or secure email tokens - not conventional email, find out more - so that you can keep all your correspondence organised via the one portal. No more fragmentation of information.

No! Mediref does not lock you into a contract. You may sign up for our service on a monthly or annual basis and cancel at anytime.

Mediref's basic account is free and we do not require your credit card details for you to join this. We will only request these if and when you move to a paid subscription.

Our communication portal is hosted on our own secure servers. Therefore, you will not be required to install anything from your end, nor will you need to constantly update your hardware to run mediref. All you need to know is how to use a browser, like google chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, or Safari for Mac. Simply go to, and sign in to your Mediref account.