Important changes with Mediref
By Hemal Ruparelia
It has now been over three years since we began work on Mediref - we set out to create a platform for practices and practitioners to streamline the sending and receiving of correspondence as well as easily collaborating in complex cases.

We feel we have achieved a fair bit, having created a platform that:
Fulfils the privacy requirements of Australian law, unlike email
Does not require your recipients to be on the system (so you don't need to rely on multiple services to send your correspondence)
Is significantly faster and cheaper to use than Australia Post
With our Windows integration, is faster to use than email
With our Mac app (but not full integration), is on par with email in terms of speed
Provides a bunch of features beyond just the capability to send and receive correspondence securely
During this time, we have also had plenty of conversations and official presentations to organisations and their members - shedding light on the privacy laws, how to easily make sure you are in the clear etc.

However, what has become increasingly clear to us (and very sharply so in the last three months) is that while there is a lot of talk about privacy and wanting to do something about it, the inclination to follow this up with actual actions is overwhelmingly absent.

This does not, of course, apply to all practices and practitioners. To those that have embraced our platform and worked with us to give us feedback and help shape it into what it is today, we are eternally grateful. Thank you!

However, Mediref continues to operate at a loss, to this day. The expectation that we had that organisations would embrace a solution to a very real problem, has proven misplaced.

The ongoing resources (time and money) that we dedicate to Mediref are unsustainable - while we were happy to shoulder this in the hope of a brighter future, it has become clear that ignoring the privacy law does not have any repercussions that (most) practices are concerned about. As such, any 'bright future', is very far away (likely years, unless brought forward by a very public breach of privacy to get the industry to take action).

With that in mind, we have come to some big decisions on Mediref going forward:
To all our paid practices, again, thank you! We recognise you are dependent on Mediref and we will keep Mediref up so that you may continue to use it. Because of our decision regarding support (see below) , we will adjust your monthly pricing to make Mediref free to use for you (for unlimited use).

For any paid subscriptions, we will issue a refund back to your account for your previous months payment.
Most ongoing development of Mediref will stop. We will continue to do minimal maintenance work, but for the most part, feature development, improvements etc. will stop.
Active support will be discontinued (other than for system-critical issues)

We will re-evaluate our stance every few months and keep you up-to date, giving you plenty of time to adjust (>2 months if we decide to go offline) if things change. If you are not on our mailing list and would like to be, join here.

Have a great day!