Finalising migration from Mediref V3 to Mediref V4
By Dr Anish Shah

Over the last two years, we have slowly improved Mediref in bits and bobs. But there were four key problems which we struggled to solve

  1. Integration with your patient management system.
    This has been a challenge for two reasons: the companies that own these systems did not want to collaborate with us, and even if they did, they did not possess a virtual 'socket' (via an API) that we could plug Mediref into. You can call them pretty damn old-school.We now integrate with every single one of them using a virtual Printer! Available for Windows and Mac

  2. Create a better directory
    Our directory on the old version of Mediref was manually updated by us. This meant that those using Mediref had to wait for new additions to be made, creating a huge bottleneck issue.Our new directory updates straightaway. So you don't need to wait for us to add any new recipients!

  3. The confusion of having a separate practice and practitioner account
    This created a hassle for practice admin staff. Most dentists never logged into their personal accounts. So the onus of responsibility was on the front desk to manage all patient correspondence. The new version of Mediref, is just one account per practice.

  4. The issue of having to fill out patient details on Mediref
    We built this input system out as a government requirement, only to realise that practices have the same details set up on their letter templates anyway. This created extra work for very little benefit. Now, with just a couple of clicks, you can send your patient correspondence.

    Simply upload the letter and select your recipient.
- - - - - - - -
All this has taken some time to brainstorm, build, and stabilise. But now we are there. Your feedback has been absolutely critical in building this new system, for which we are very grateful.

Thank you!